Online Slots Betting KUMA Slots Game-room Introduction

Being one of iBET Online Casino’s cooperated game companies, Kuma Gaming fully shows its unique characteristics and brings you special gaming experiences. Kuma Gaming contains a lot of games bold in characteristics such as AV Slot, which gathers lots of attention right upon its release. With the insistence on quality and giving you the greatest gaming experiences, Kuma Gaming invited the famous AV actresses in Japan to be the main characters in the games they have released. Till now, 20 types of live and anime AV slot games are available to give you different kinds of sensory enjoyment.

iBET Game Room – KUMA Slot Game Room Introduction


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Online Casino KUMA Slot Room’s Gaming Features

Kuma’s slot games are categorized by live actresses and animation, which are different from general ones. Kuma’s game images are sexy and in high resolution. What’s more, the games are dubbed by AV actresses, and the surprising images and diverse gaming features will make you hot and bothered and give you the best gaming enjoyment!

iBET Game Room– KUMA Slot Game Room Introduction-AV


Kuma’s The Most Special Slot Games – AV Actress Online

iBET Game Room– KUMA Slot Game Room Introduction-AV Slot


Kuma’s AV electronic games will definitely arouse your attention, for the AV actresses will take off their clothes in three phrases based on your betting amount. When the AV actress is naked, it means you get a big chance to win the prize. After you enter Kuma’s AV electronic games, tens of gaming themes are there for you to choose. You can also play free trials before deciding whether to place your betting!


Online Slots Game-room of Kuma’s Anime

iBET Game Room– KUMA Slot Game Room Introduction-Anime


Online Slots Game-room introduction Kuma also offers anime AV slot games. A few types of theme games with delicate animation are offered, and with the voice dubbing, you’ll never get enough of playing them! You can also play free game trials to find out the most exciting betting way!

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