Can the Reds Defend Their Title of Being the G.O.A.T?

The Premier League derbies for the past few days did not lack surprises and intensity at all!

If you missed the live streaming of the matches on iTV, a free streaming platform under iBET Gaming Corporation, here is a rundown of the results of the derbies from Sunday:

Sunday, June 21

  1. West Ham VS Wolves: 0-2
  2. Newcastle VS Sheffield United: 3-0
  3. Bournemouth VS Crystal Palace: 0-2
  4. Aston Villa VS Chelsea: 1-2

Monday, June 22

  1. Everton VS Liverpool: 0-0

Tuesday, June 23

  1. Manchester City VS Burnley: 5-0

Looking at the results, fans of teams who have scored zero goals on the day of the derby have been in low spirits. But for clubs that scored, they scored flying colours.

It was also over the weekend that the Premier League has achieved a new record. About 5.5 million people tuned in to the Merseyside derby (Everton VS Liverpool), making it the most-watched game ever on British TV.

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Is it the Hare and the Tortoise story?

The Reds will be returning to Anfield on June 25 for the first time since the pandemic pressed the pause button on all sports. Crystal Palace will greet their return, a club now soaring and flying high like the emblem of their club.

The Merseyside derby shocked many because Liverpool, for many consecutive years back in the days, has been the Premier League champion and fans were looking forward to, or rather, confident in seeing them achieve that glory once more. But the nil-nil have shaken the faith a little, even of the players.

Liverpool coach, Jurgen Klopp, needs to carry the weight on his shoulders and close the five-point gap between now and the rest of the season to bag the Premier League championship for the first time in more than 30 years.

Will we be able to see Liverpool in a crown, or will it be the Hare and the Tortoise story where they lead the game, only to know they are leading first but backward? The Premier League is bound to be an unpredictable one.

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Can Crystal Palace continue to fly high?

Crystal Palace is dropping jaws. Not only are they managing the expectations of their fans, but they are also exceeding them by being well on their way to securing a spot for the upcoming UEFA Champions League.

Ranking at ninth on the league table, the Crystal Palace boys are doing very well in the Premier League thus far, and many agree that this season of the Premier League is their best one yet. They are also ahead of Arsenal by two points, who has won the Premier League a couple of times before.

Arsenal is not the only team Crystal Palace has successfully conquered. Now, they are almost on par with other outstanding clubs such as Manchester United, Wolves, Tottenham, and Sheffield United. Roy Hodgson, the man behind the team’s successes, says there is no reason why his boys will not progress to the European football.

Hodgson only has one concern, and that is the physical condition of his boys. He believes this is a period where the team will need as many players to be able to rotate because he understands that injuries will come up, and it could keep (key) players out of games. The lack of players can affect the areas Crystal Palace covers on the field.

Hodgson hopes he can keep at least 15 of his senior players throughout the season. Otherwise, he and the boys will have to make a concerted effort to stay ahead of the game and make it to the UEFA.

Jordan Ayew, who plays as a striker in Crystal Palace, has been a star player this season, kicking the season to Hodgson’s favour. Out of 29 matches, Ayew has scored nine goals, earning himself a title of being a top scorer.

His performance at Vitality Stadium was exceptional. Although playing an away game, he managed to bring the team to a 2-0 victory over Bournemouth. With the precise and skilled kick of the ball, Ayew has brought his team up on the league table, securing the ninth spot.

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For Liverpool, Mohamed Salah and Andy Robertson, who have both suffered injuries, is set to join the rest of the team on the field after missing their trip to Goodison Park.

Liverpool VS Crystal Palace Prediction

The Bournemouth victory has certainly boosted Crystal Palace’s morale. Their supporters and the coach are proud and believe that the boys have a shot at churning out something spectacular. But a majority of sports enthusiasts still think the world of Liverpool, despite their dull performance against Everton.

With Salah getting back on track and him chasing his third Premier League Golden Boot, Jurgen Klopp, alongside his team, will invest all that they have to make sure the Champion title belongs to them.

Our prediction says the odds are in Liverpool’s favour.

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