Bundesliga Tips, Predictions, and Odds: TSG 1899 Hoffenheim versus RB Leipzig

With only four games remaining in the Bundesliga season, the German teams – TSG Hoffenheim and RB Leipzig will go up against each other this weekend (June 13) at the Rhein-Neckar Arena at 2:30 AM (MYT).

Who will earn a spot at the Europa League?

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Schreuder parts way with TSG Hoffenheim, will it affect the team?

With matchday 31st rolling in hot, TSG Hoffenheim is ready to take the field and climb the Bundesliga ranking. Sitting in seventh place now, the Hoffenheim boys are on 43 points and are just two points away from bagging a spot on the Europa League.

Hoffenheim has been coming on strong since the beginning of the Bundesliga after the resumption, and many see that the boys will advance to the UEFA Europa League next season. To date, Hoffenheim lead SC Freiburg by two points, and Hertha Berlin, and Schalke by five points. If Bayern Munich or Bayer Leverkusen, which ranks first and fifth in the Bundesliga chart respectively, win the DFB Pokal, then the seventh place will automatically advance to the Europa League next season.

But just like how the pandemic has caught everyone off guard, the football community is dropped with a bomb when the news of Alfred Schreuder, manager of Hoffenheim, got sacked by the Bundesliga club.

The three-year contract with Hoffenheim has come to an end for Schreuder just after 33 games. Following a statement provided by Hoffenheim’s head of professional football, Alexander Rosen, he said that Schreuder was not able to see eye-to-eye with the future direction of the squad.

Other than the development of Hoffenheim, Rosen further added that both of them could not agree on most of the other things too. For the best of the club, Schreuder and the squad decided mutually that parting ways would be apt.

Bankrolled to the Bundesliga by Dietmar Hopp, the figure of hate, Hoffenheim has only won four times since the turn of the year.

Schreuder, whose final game was up against Fortuna Düsseldorf, said it is not unusual to have different opinions in professional life and that the club must be honest with each other and make the right decisions.

Moving forward, a team of coaches from within the club will take over Schreuder’s role and guide Hoffenheim in completing their final four games against RB Leipzig, Augsburg, Union Berlin, and Borussia Dortmund. Rosen will also be more involved in the team’s practices.

Although the coaches are more hands-on with the club, and that securing a spot at the Europa League is bright, it seems the odds are not siding Hoffenheim.

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RB Leipzig appears to have the upper hand. Is Hoffenheim a no go?

The leaving of Schreuder is not the reason why RB Leipzig appears to have the upper hand. On June 6, Hoffenheim went up against Dusseldorf with 15 fouls, four yellow cards, and one red card, which ultimately led to a 2-2 draw.

Dusseldorf was leading with 1-0 at the beginning of the match, but Hoffenheim eventually caught up and got the equalizer on the 76th minute. Hoffenheim’s captain, Benjamin Hübner, was kicked out from the game for an elbow on the opponent, Kaan Ayhan, just eight minutes after the game has begun.

The match was a disappointing draw for Hoffenheim. The last time Hoffenheim won away in the league was when they were up against Köln. To date, they have lost 15% of their last 20 away league games. With a 6-1-8 record and 19 points, Hoffenheim ranks seventh as the worst home club in Germany.

RB Leipzig did not perform any better either. On the 27th minute, they scored a 1-0 but handicapped themselves in the 43rd minute. It appeared initially that they were going to keep up with the score, but Paderborn’s defender, Christian Strohdiek, came to the rescue on the 92nd minute to bring the match to a 1-1 draw.

Coming in at 3rd on the Bundesliga ranking, RB Leipzig suffered rather disappointing home draws against Freiburg, Hertha, and Paderborn. However, thanks to a 9-4-2 record and 31 points, RB Leipzig stands as the second-best road club in the league.

In addition to that, RB Leipzig has won 55% of their last 20 home league games, and the last time they lost a home league game was only four matches ago against Schalke. They have also kept a clean sheet at home two recent games ago, and ten clean sheets in their last 20 home games. Out of the 11 league games Leipzig has won at home, they scored first 11 times, whereas out of the three away games Hoffenheim lost, they gave way the first two times.

Now, it seems both teams are equally not ideal. But RB Leipzig does have the upper hand because the Hoffenheim boys haven’t been playing with the quality Leipzig has in a long time.

Moreover, looking at the results of the last Leipzig matches, team comparison between Hoffenheim and Leipzig, head-to-head, and goal statistics, we can speculate that Leipzig has:

  1. 59% chance of beating Hoffenheim, and,
  2. 9% of a chance at beating Hoffenheim by 2-1.

There is also a 59% chance where both teams score.

Looking at the above, it seems betting on RB Leipzig, and a draw can be fruitful.

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