Top 3 Hottest Live Casino Gamerooms to Play on i8.BET

If you are looking for an exciting and memorable live casino gaming experience, i8.BET features many live casino games from a variety of gamerooms, all available on a single platform. It is one of the best sources of entertainment for many online casino players, with one of the perks being that players can easily try out these live casino games and slot games online for free.

Popular Live Casino Gamerooms You Must Try

If you want to play live casino games for free and win, then there are a few popular live casino gamerooms that you should explore. Chief among the few include reputable ones such as Microgaming, Playtech, and Allbet. Thus, if you are looking to play slot games or a premium live casino experience but are unsure where to begin, these gamerooms detailed below are a good starting point.

Which is better – betting online or offline in a brick and mortar casino? Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both and decide!

1. Asia Gaming

Asia Gaming

Founded in 2012, Asia Gaming is renowned as one of the most innovative gaming software developers in Asia. Interesting features such as ‘Pre-dealing 6 cards,’ ‘VIP Private Room,’ ‘Squeeze Baccarat,’ and ‘Interactive Bid Baccarat’ serve to transform a player’s entire gaming experience on live casinos and casino slots online.

Asia Gaming’s objective of providing a high-quality and more rewarding gaming experience for players can be seen immediately from its most popular feature – the live casino platform.

Asia Gaming’s objective of providing a high-quality and more rewarding gaming experience for players

Their live casino platform consists of four lobbies which are AGQ, AGIN, AG Euro, and VJ HALL. On top of the innovative features listed above, each lobby also has a set of features that allow players to dictate the flow of the game via its innovative ‘Wait for me’ feature. Players can also choose different types of games, switch dealers, or change cards. They can even do so with greater detail by being able to choose which beautiful English or Chinese speaking dealers they wish to interact with.

For those who prefer a fast, high-energy pace of gaming, then the AGIN lobby would suit their style. But if you just want to have fun and enjoy the live casino experience, then the more relaxed AGQ lobby is more suitable for this style of play. Asia Gaming’s AGQ lobby currently has 10 live dealers across various live casino games including Dragon Tiger, Sicbo, Roulette, Baccarat, and Insurance Baccarat – the last game being the most popular game among players.

Asia Gaming offers a wide variety of popular and niche games for its players. Such games include Dragon Bonus, Win Three Cards, VIP Baccarat, Multiplay, Sic Bo, Live Dealer Blackjack, Bid Baccarat, Classic Baccarat, Dragon Tiger, Insurance Baccarat, Roulette and Bull Bull.

a) Baccarat 

A casino player’s first love, players can find many variations of this game across the AGIN and AGQ lobbies with bets that begin from $5 to an unbelievable $1.5 million.

The AGQ lobby also has Baccarat games with typical rules and gameplay, and features a VIP Lobby for those who wish to have a more personalised experience by being able to control the rhythm of the game, switch dealers, use the squeezing cards feature, and take advantage of other innovative features.

b) Bull Bull 

Also known as Bullfight, Bull Bull is a highly popular game in the Chinese regions of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hunan, made available to players on the mainstream.

Bull Bull is a fast-rhythm game played where the dealer opens the cards immediately after dealing them to let players see the results. It is a highly accessible game for first-time online casino players due to its interesting features and simple rules.

c) Sic Bo

Also known as Big/Small, Sic Bo is a staple of Chinese dice games, and it is extremely popular due to its wide betting range and chances of winning. It is a game of chance where players must bet whether the sum of three dice will fulfil certain outcomes. If they do, then the player wins.

d) Dragon Tiger

Typically played in Cambodian casinos, Dragon Tiger is often referred to as a very popular two-card version of Baccarat.

It is played by drawing two cards. One is the Dragon, and another is the Tiger. The player must then bet on the card they believe will be higher than the other. Dragon Tiger’s simplicity is one of the reasons why it is a popular option among live casino players.

e) Others

Asia Gaming also features various slot games for those who might want to play slot games. Its partner, XIN Gaming, manages slot games and creates exclusive games, including table games, video poker games and slots such as Apollo slots. Each game is tailor-made to provide slot game players with the best gaming experience.

2. Allbet


Founded in 2014 by an Asian group with ten years of experience in the industry, the size of 400 employees have created a platform that has become popular among long-time live casino players.

Its excellent design and inclusive features are centred on the player’s point of use. Letting players choose to display four or eight tables, a six-card licensing system, Baccarat microphone, and VIP table are just a few among many features enticing players to join the platform.

To create a comprehensive player experience, Allbet offers players five distinct gamerooms for players to choose from, which are Dragon Hall, Speed Hall, Multi-play Hall, VIP Hall, and BidMe Hall.

Allbet offers players five distinct gamerooms for players to choose from

Every room has its own set of features to meet the needs of a diverse range of players with up to five different live dealer games on the platform and is easily accessible for players.

 a) Live Roulette

In Roulette, players can choose to place bets on:

  • A single number
  • The colours red or black
  • Various groupings of numbers
  • The number being odd or even
  • High numbers (19-36)
  • Low numbers (1-8)

A croupier spins the ball in the opposing direction of the wheel, and the ball eventually loses momentum and falls into one of 37 (single zero French/European style Roulette) or 38 (double-zero American style Roulette) of the numbered and coloured pockets. Winnings are given to players who have placed a successful bet.

b) Live Baccarat 

In this faster version of Baccarat, each game lasts roughly less than half a minute, where players simply bet on the results. The objective of the game is to predict which two sets of cards will be the most similar.

Aces are worth one point. Cards 2-9 are worth face value. Ten, king, queen and jack cards have no value, and the highest possible score is 9. The player with the highest number of points wins.

c) Live Dragon Tiger

After two cards are drawn, players must then bet on the card they believe will be higher than the other. Payouts are in the form of even money, and in the event of a tie, players receive half of their money back. A tie happens when neither Dragon nor Tiger receives a higher value card.

d) Live Sic Bo

A dice game based on chance and a variety of betting options, players win if their bets match the outcome of the shaken dice. The varied betting options with their own payout odds means players could win huge sums of money if they play a successful bet.

e) Slot Games

On the other hand, Allbet’s slot game collection is created entirely from HTML5, meaning that games are created in a browser-based format that can be easily accessed regardless of platform and integrated into existing casino systems apps. There, you will find the popular 918kiss slot game and many more notable titles.

3. Playtech

Founded in 1999, Playtech has cemented its reputation as the biggest provider of online gaming software with a huge selection of high-quality games such as Panther Moon, Great Blue, Jackpot Giant etc., using cutting edge technology. Chances are, your favourite games are developed by Playtech.

And what sets them apart from the competition is how innovative they are. They are known for their cross-platform management system (IMS) that allows players to play across different platforms at the same time, giving players a smooth playing experience.

Playtech has cemented its reputation as the biggest provider of online gaming software with a huge selection of high-quality games

Playtech’s crown jewel is undoubtedly their live casino.

a) Live Casino Selection

Playtech’s crown jewel is undoubtedly their live casino. For players who want to feel more in control and have more interaction with a real dealer, Playtech gives players this sensation by streaming their games in real-time using the best cameras. Players can experience the thrills of gaming wherever they are as not only are the streams broadcasted in HD quality, it is streamed as quickly as possible to avoid delayed transmissions.

And their selection of live casino games includes popular selections such as:

  • Roulette
  • Poker
  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Hi Lo

b) Slot Game Selection 

It goes without saying that Playtech offers a large pool of casino games equipped with crisp graphics and superior audio quality that provides an immersive online gaming experience that even makes an appearance on platforms such as 918Kiss – previously known as SCR888 – and Mega888 online.

With up to 500 games and counting under their name, players can play both 2D and 3D games. However, there is a withdrawal limit set at $10000 per month, high rollers may have to look elsewhere. But its massive variety more than makes up for it, and players can have their go at popular titles such as these:

  • Great Blue
  • Panther Moon
  • Funky Fruit Farm

And to make things more exciting, they have also managed to acquire licenses from notable brands in the entertainment and movie industry such as HBO, MGM, and Marvel; leading to movie or video game themed slots such as these:

  • Rocky
  • Gladiator
  • Top Gun
  • The Mummy
  • Kong

For players looking for progressive jackpots, they’re in luck! Their platform features titles such as Beach Life and Gold Rally.

c) Table Game Selection

And if that is not enough, players can choose from a variety of table games to play from:

  • Baccarat
  • Sic Bo
  • Poker
  • Roulette
  • Festive Games

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