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Betting is one of the public’s favorite past times. When betting was legalized in some regions, land-based casinos were built to satisfy the crowd’s betting demands. Casinos from all over the world have shown promising revenue as bettors are willing to spend heaps on betting. Today, online gambling is a multi-billion-dollar business with over a thousand striving online casinos in the industry. 

Casinos are adapting themselves to the digital world following the advancement of new technologies. Online casinos are becoming a hit and it’s no exception that online casinos in Malaysia are becoming more popular and welcomed by the people. People are now more open and acceptable to the idea of online gambling in Malaysia. Besides that, online casino games minus all the hassle of having to travel as players can enjoy the games on their mobile phone anywhere. Currently, iBET  is one of the most successful online casinos in Malaysia. On top of providing a broad selection of games, the website has a friendly interface that facilitates the games and other related information. iBET is definitely one of the online casinos in Malaysia that every bettor should check out!

The Significance of Betting in Ancient Times

The Significance of Betting in Ancient Times

Before online platforms like iBET exist, the betting scene was already very active and plays a significant role in human civilization history.

The Greeks were particularly fond of gambling. Even though there were view differences of betting between the Greek philosophers and its people, betting continued to be an accepted social norm. While the Greek authors and philosophers had negative opinions on betting, the ancient Greek mythology, Hermes and Pan, were known to be heavily involved in gambling. 

Heads and tails were a basic game of chances that was played with a shell and later on with a coin during the Roman period. Dice was also one of the most common game back in the days, the Greeks used three cubes of clay to play. During the Roman period, the number of dice used was reduced to two, and this form is kept until today. Other than those, evidence showed that the Greeks in the Roman era were active in betting on animal fights, such as chicken, dogs, and birds. Animals were specially bred for this particular reason. 

The earliest physical evidence that showed signs of betting came from China which could date back to 2,300 BC, where tiles were dug up and seemed like they were used as tools for a basic game of chances. Keno was one of the earliest betting games in the early Chinese community. This game was played with square cards that have numbers ranging from 1 to 80. The bettors would choose a set of numbers, and draws would take place to determine the winner. 

This game was originally called “White Pigeon Ticket”. This game would later be popularized and included in the gambling houses with the permission of the local authorities, in which the authorities would gain a small amount of profit out of it. Somewhere in the 9th century, the Chinese invented card games decorated with human shapes. It was later adopted by the Europeans and became the common poker cards with Kings and Queens as we see today. Different variations of card games continued to sprout out of the creativity of the bettors.


Online Casino Betting Games Back Then

Online Casino Betting Games Back Then

The earliest game that is still played today is a two-player card game, which was an early variation of Baccarat. It was first introduced in the 1400s when it first came to France from Italy. Despite its early origins, it took a long time to be the game that we know today. The origins of Blackjack are still very much debated as the creator was rarely noted in historic archives. However, Blackjack is said to derive from the French game of “vingt-et-un” in the 17th century. “Blackjack” is an American alteration. It came when the casinos in Nevada were having a promotion in the 1930s. 10 to 1 odds were paid out to the players that won with a black Jack of Clubs or Spades together with an Ace of Spades. The promotion did not last long, but the name stuck on and became the name that we all recognize. 

The first casino, Ridotto, was built in the year 1638 in Venice. The aim was to provide a controlled betting environment amidst the mayhem of the annual carnival. Since then, more land-based casinos were built in the European region. When it was spread to America in the 1940s, Las Vegas began to develop, filling the deserted land of Nevada with casinos to become the infamous Sin City today. 

Roulette was believed to be originated from the betting houses in Paris as early as 1796. About 50 years after, the first European Roulette variation came into play with an additional ‘zero’ added into the wheel. When it was finally spread to America, the American version of Roulette has another additional ‘double zero’ added into the wheel. 

The first slot game came into life in the year of 1891 and was created by Sittman and Pitts from New York. The early prototype of the slot machine used 50 poker cards on 5 different reels for a chance of a combination. This design had a harder chance of hitting the jackpot, therefore, Liberty Bell was perfected by Charles Fey which has a higher chance of hitting a rewarding combination with just five symbols and three reels. Following the creation of the slot machine, it quickly gained popularity and soon, slot machines could be seen everywhere in America.


Tendency of Online Betting Today

Tendency of Online Betting Today

The legalization of gambling caused a widespread of casinos in regions where gambling was legalized. The public’s hunger for betting was growing and more casinos were built to meet the demand. Las Vegas and Macau are few of the places that are well-known for their casinos. The profit that these casinos generate is astounding, mainly due to the interesting casino games offered, and an extravagant environment that is captivating enough for the bettors to walk into.

While we are entering the era of technology, betting and casinos are going digital. Online casinos become most bettors’ preferred choice over a land-based casino. It is a more preferred choice because online casinos are much more convenient than land-based casinos as bettors can cut through a lot of hassles and dive straight into the online casino games. In 1976, the creation of the first video slot marked the dawn of the evolution of modern online gambling technology.  As time went by, the first online casino was set up by Antigua and Barbuda in 1994. In 2003, PlayTech pioneered in creating the first live-dealer casino, narrowing the gap differences between the land-based casino and online casino.

In the wake of the booming popularity of online gambling in Malaysia, a lot of online casinos in Malaysia are taking an alternative route to attract more players to join them. That alternative way is going mobile. The majority of Internet users now are using desktop devices lesser and prefer mobile devices more due to convenience. People want everything to be quick and instant nowadays, and developers took advantage and deliver. The desktops are getting left behind in the aftermath of the arrival of the impressive mobile alternatives.


What Happens Next on Online Betting in Malaysia?

What Happens Next on Online Betting in Malaysia

There is no doubt that the online betting industry will continue to strive in the future to accommodate the public’s ceaseless demand. Online betting has become an essential entertainment for the people.

The online betting scene in Malaysia will grow to become stronger following the advances of technology and it is a business that is sticking around for a long time to come. Online casinos can assimilate well into = future technology culture. They are already doing great in coming up with competent content to capture the players’ attention. The virtual reality devices are one of the newest gaming technologies that could potentially change the online casino industry. One of the perks of using such a high technology device is that it would enhance and take the life-like casino atmosphere to the next level. You could sit on a virtual casino game table, look around and talk to your friends from different places, share some jokes, enjoy the rush that you get from being in a ‘real’ casino; all while sitting in your comfortable chair in your house. VR technology might not be available in online casinos yet, but the potential is endless, and one thing is certain, that is, players are more than willing to spend money on casinos than any other form of entertainment. With online casinos mushrooming, the land-based casinos are in jeopardy of being replaced and eventually, wiped out by the progression of technology.

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