How COVID-19 Impact Online Live Casino

It has been more than a few months since our newsfeeds are flooded with the news about the deadly invisible enemy.

Yes, our motherland and countries across the globe are experiencing a predicament that is affecting and robbing individuals of their freedom, health, and lives regardless of age and gender.

Since the government has announced and implemented the Movement Control Order (MCO) on March 16th as an initiative to curb the outbreak of the virus, we can no longer carry out our daily routine normally.


How has COVID-19 Impacted the Entertainment Industry in Our Country?

How has COVID-19 Impacted the Entertainment Industry in Our Country

Resorts World Genting (RWG), one of the largest hilltop tourism destinations, is not spared from this unfortunate situation either. Abiding by the MCO, Genting has ceased all of its businesses, including its hotel facilities, food and beverage outlets, theme parks, retail outlets, and casinos for the first time since its operation, and will continue so until the 14th of April.

With the temporary closure of RWG, the tourism and betting industry have undoubtedly taken a big blow.

Will the casinos go back to its boisterous state once the business resumes? Or will this invisible enemy impose a longer-lasting impact? Before we dive deeper, let’s take a closer look at the casinos in Genting.


Genting Casinos at a Glance


Casino de Genting

Casino de Genting

The very first sin city and land-based casino in Malaysia in the 1970s.

With an astounding collection of classic and electronic games combined with cutting edge gaming technology, there are more than 400 table games and 3,000 slot machines ranging from 3-reel slot games to progressive slots like FaFaFa available.

There are three gaming venues, namely Monte Carlo casino (the largest), Hollywood Casino, and Star World Casino. Elite bettors and VIPs will have exclusive access to the International Room, a VIP zone in Monte Carlo casino.

These casinos operate round-the-clock and offer games such as electronic Roulette, mini Baccarat, slot games, commission-free Baccarat, Pai Gow, Tai Sai, French Boule, electronic Sic Bo, and video poker.


Sky Casino

Sky Casino

Built around the concept of greenery and nature, Sky Casino is a 3-level and the largest casino in Genting, with nothing less than opulence and grandeur.

It has the largest selection of games in Asia, including Pontoon, zodiac wheel, progressive Texas Holdem Poker, Genting Stud Poker, three-card poker, and more.

The machines and gaming tables are spread out throughout levels 1 and 2, with LED screens that display the ongoing competitive gaming tournaments plastered onto the surrounding walls.

There are three private clubs situated in level 3, which are the Crockfords Platinum club, Gold club, and Silver club. These clubs are dedicated to VIPs only.


Genting Live Casino Online Malaysia

Genting Live Casino Online Malaysia

The Genting online live casino in Malaysia bags an average of 9.5/10 rating for its high-quality live casino games, bespoke tables, and exceptional promotional offers.

New players will receive a welcome bonus that includes free spins and deposit bonuses. Other promotions up for grabs are such as mystery cards, roulette-specific bonuses, and more.

For high-rollers, their loyalty accounts will be reviewed weekly and tiered (diamond, gold, silver, and bronze). Those in the higher tier can reap the benefits of having increased table limits, exclusive offers, cash backs on losses, and increased redemption rates for their loyalty card points.

The games provided by this online casino Malaysia comprises three-card poker, Caribbean Stud Poker, Dragon Tiger, Super Sic Bo, Football Studio, slot games, live Baccarat, online live Roulette Malaysia, and more.


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Can Online Casino Malaysia Provide a Win-Win Solution?

Can Online Casino Malaysia Provide a Win-Win Solution

The temporary closure of the Genting casinos is uncalled for, but it also opens up new revenue, in this instance, online betting.

Online betting Malaysia sites can expect a spike because bettors will opt for online betting as a replacement. With that said, these online betting sites will also come up with all sorts of promotions and welcome offers to attract and reel in new sign-ups and to convert them to loyal patrons.

Bettors will frequent these sites because the games offered are similar, some with newer options to choose from and better bonus/deposit offers.

Plus, being able to place bets at one’s convenience without the hassle of traveling and additional expenditure can appeal to bettors as the optimum substitute.


The Differences between Traditional and Online Casinos

The Differences between Traditional and Online Casinos

So, which is the better option? Although both types of casinos facilitate betting and give you a shot at taking home a remunerative payout, they are still different in several aspects.


a) Games and Seat Availability


> Often crowded. Bettors need to wait in line before being seated to play a game.

> Can accommodate limited gaming machines due to limited space. Thus, offering a lesser variety of games.


> Rooms and games are available 24/7.

> No limitation as to how many games online casinos can be provided.

> New online games can be constantly produced.


b) Offers and Bonuses


> Offer comps and coupons. Bonuses and rewards are limited to VIPs only.


> Offer attractive bonuses (cashable and non-cashable) and promotions to attract more sign-ups.


c) Odds


> Have weaker odds because more operational expenses are incurred.


> Have better odds because the speed of play is faster, which means more money is spent frequently.


iBET Malaysia Online Live Casino


Looking at the brief comparison above, it seems online casino Malaysia has the upper hand!

For a society that craves accessibility, convenience, and entertainment in a compact form, a platform like iBET ticks all of the boxes.

iBET is a leading online gaming company and has partnered up with other prominent game providers such as Asia Gaming (AG) and Playtech to give bettors more than just an extraordinary gaming experience.

Bettors can find a vast variety of online casino games such as online Blackjack Malaysia, online Baccarat Malaysia, online Roulette Malaysia, and more, with each game room equipped with distinct themes and features.

AG alone has 3 game rooms, namely AGIN, AGQ, and AG Euro. Each game room offers live games that are facilitated by professional live dealers. AG also has a live streaming platform, called VJ Hall. Unlike a conventional setting, VJ Hall lets bettors engage in a casual conversation with the anchor of their choice while betting.

Another platform among equals, Playtech uses some of the more advanced and sophisticated technologies to present its casino, virtual sports, sports, poker, live dealer, bingo, and lottery games to its bettors.

For instance, Playtech combines the latest market-leading 3D game graphics, and Hollywood motion capture technology, along with virtual sports simulator to develop and produce virtual sports games that are nothing less than immersive and realistic. Even their live dealers undergo strict training and assessments to ensure quality.

Recently, Playtech and AG have allied, the first in the gaming industry, to create the world’s first alliance hall. AG and Playtech complement each other in areas where another lacks and creates a diverse and ultimate gaming platform for bettors all across the globe.

Now, the online gaming experience is only optimal if you can carry out a smooth transaction, right? iBET offers a variety of payment methods such as online banking, DPAY, and online banking for you to deposit/withdraw your money.

Should we compare with a traditional casino, an online casino is so much quicker with minimal wait-time. There is also no need to be attended because you can execute these transactions by yourself via your phone, laptop, etc.


iBET Online Casino Will Always By Your Side

Entertainment will Never be Gone

We might need to have a moment of silence for all the wondrous plans and resolutions we have planned for 2020. But, with iBET, entertainment will never be gone because we strive to bring the highest-quality entertainment to you, always.

iBET is together with the people in these trying times. iBET also urges the Rakyat to stay safe, and #stayathome.

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